The Tale of the Magical Crackers

I got a magazine in the mail yesterday, and as I was thumbing through it today I saw this ad. Ah, what a happy, heart warming scene this is. Little Billy in his new Christmas sweater, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jean smiling at each other like teenagers, mom smiling, everyone eating crakers and playing games. The text at the bottom of the ad reads: "Our Holidays weren't like anyone elses. We had these big magical crackers in our house that kept everyone happy. No one more than mom." My first thought was, yeah, I bet those crakers made your mom happy! They are probably the only thing that stops her from jumping out of her chair and strangling your Aunt for staining her table cloth and commenting on how your moms jeans are not flattering. Your dad probably loves the crackers too. Just give mom a box of those and he doesn't have to listen to the woman jabber on about how Clorox really does gets her whites really white.
Seriously though, this ad screams "have crackers at your house and your holidays, and everything else for that matter will be perfectly heavenly. You will regrow that leg you had chopped off a year ago in the war and all will be merry and bright."
Sorry, just a random vent about how we as society are suckered into thinking we NEED things to make our lives picture perfect.

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