Dinner With Charlie Brown's Parents

It's interesting to me how my mood can change with just a word from another person. Last night I was in a fairly decent mood. I had just finished cooking one of John Doe's favorites; enchiladas... But that is besides the point. As I was setting dinner out, proud of myself for conquering the world today and cooking dinner John Doe begins to tell me about this really HOT girl at the climbing gym.... STOP. He kept talking, but I didn't hear a word he said, all I heard was "wah wah wah" like the adults on Charlie Brown. There was a story behind it, I'm sure it was funny or antecdotal or had some sort of point, but I honestly heard none of it. In my head I was screaming... Oh ya? I used to be HOT too before I had your baby!! And UGH!! Why would you say that? Why are you looking at other girls? Are you not attracted to me? am I chop liver? I'm hideous! It's my butt isn't it, Oh, I HATE myself. I need to work out more, but I already do every day.... It's not enough. I just can't eat anymore. That's it I won't eat. I sat silent through dinner, the whole time Mr. Doe stared at me in wonder, curious to what had possibly occured to cause such a dramatic mood shift. Maybe I will tell him about all of the HOT guys at the gym that check me out while I'm running, then maybe he'll understand why my mood shifted from "today was good" to "I hate my body/life/etc"


Girl said...

WOW!!! what the?! Why in the hell do guys do that? holy hell i'd be PISSED. I'm sorry dude. sigh :(

Anonymous said...

i totally can relate to how comments can change what your feeling. and guys just dont get how their idiot comments can send us spinning...even on the best of days