Groundhog Day

For those of you who have seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray you know this sight well. Every day he awakes to a nightmarish repeat of the day before. Although there are slight changes in the events of the day, his day has the same ending, followed by the same beginning the following day. Not to sound horribly pessimistic, but this is my life. I started this blog because I have noticed a pattern in my life, a pattern of pretending to be ok, of saying what I think will be acceptable. Even though I feel as if I will emplode from what I hold inside. I am tired of pretending to be ok. I am through with saying only what I think will not harm others, I want to say everything. How liberating would that be? To be fully honest with everything you think, to be able to say the questionable things out loud? This is my sanctuary, a place where I will NOT edit the graphic and disturbing details of my life to save the tender feelings of others. Similar to how Bill Murray has no hesitation to do what he feels in Groundhog day, I will write what I desire, say what I want, and think how I want and not fear the reprocussions of tomorrow. I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I know I will.

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