Saturday Morning at the Gym

I feel great right now. I ran 8 miles this morning, in 63 minutes. Yahoo! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after having a really good workout, knowing that I pushed myself.

On a more sober note; I have noticed this guy at the gym every time I go. He spends hours (no exaggeration) on the stationary bike. He is VERY thin. I didn't think anything of it until today; I saw him spend an hour on one bike then get up and move to another, only to bike for another hour. He looked at me when I first walked into the gym, and again as I was leaving. I think that he knew I noticed, because he put his head down with a look of embarrassment.

This is not a new experience for me. While I was in treatment for my own eating disorder there were numerous men who were seeking recovery as well. When I first saw men there, I remember thinking to myself "wow, I had NO idea" I really had always thought that women were the only ones to suffer from these horrible demons. I want to say it's almost harder for men because it's not seen as a problem for them. Most people don't think that men struggle with eating disorders. It must be a lot harder to seek help.

On a completely different subject; the in laws are coming over today. Not too excited about that.


Caroline Ross said...

thats such a sad photo haha! speaking of boys having eating disorders, in my life i have persoanlly know 6 guys how had had serious eating disorders and a few not no serious girls and 2 girls that were hospitalized. people really dont realize how bad it is. I hope your doing okay hun, stay strong <3.

Jane Doe said...

Thank you! I love your photos. I just play around, but I like to take pictures of random items.

Yes, sadly eating disorders are very rampant. And I don't see it getting any better the way that society is going.