I Quit

So, I quit. I quit today, tomorrow and the day after. I am so tired of life right now. I am calling it quits. No I am not doing anything stupid like ending it completely. I just need a break. A break from everything.... So I am taking a break from blogging, housework, laundry, showers, church, family...... EVERYTHING. I think I'm going a little crazy.... But I think I am entitled to a little bit of crazy. The end.


Girl said...

I hear ya. I love ya dude! I'm sorry you're feeling this way...it sucks royally. :( I think you wrote this post like a week ago, but i'm just now seeing it...hence the late response...but ya. I know.

Remember the old man at the chinese place? His funny comment..? Ah ha ha ha ha

Jared said...

don't want to interrupt your blogging hiatus, but hope things are going better! breaks from things can truly refresh the soul. i try to live my life by a fortune cookie, "every excess becomes a vice." wise words for a cookie.